Travel Notes – London 02, England

My primary school teacher, Mr Williams, was the first one I called when I arrived in London. He came to pick me up at the hotel and my oh my, how my heart felt like bursting into rays of sunshine when I saw him at last. 23 years! Who would’ve thought that we would be able to meet again under such different circumstances. Mr Williams had retired the year before and has been enjoying life to its fullest. With two Jaguars and a Caravelle, he has enough cars to take him around England! That night, we drove in his blue classic Jag to where my office is located. I can’t even begin to describe the things we talked about. We walked down the path of my primary school days and I was suddenly filled with information about the tale of some long lost friends. The air was cold and the wind bit my hands and ears, as if telling me to wrap myself up. We managed to find a little Italian cafe and sat under the street heater to reminisce the good old days of the eighties. How time flies. It was almost midnight when London’s night air reminded me that the moon is waiting for me to tuck myself in under the blanket, in order to prepare for the next day. How adventure always awaits me when I’m in Faerie Land!

4 thoughts on “Travel Notes – London 02, England”

  1. Hey how you doin’? Maybe I should move to UK and be a primary school teacher if i get to retire with 2 jaguars!

  2. maapin ane laer ama batin ye mak? maklum yg mude banyak salehnye krn keseringan iseng :D salam aja buat gr sd-nya. Keknya guru sd gw udah pada koit kali.

  3. that’s so cool that you’re still in touch with your primary school teacher! i wish i had kept in touch with mine… were you always in touch with mr.williams and only met up now or did you just ring him out of the blue after all these years?

  4. Dew, minta maaf lahir batin yaa ..
    Anyway, when do you plan to visit Jakarta ? We should really meet .. there’s an “update” that I should give you.
    Gimme a call anytime you’re here ?

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