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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

It’s almost midnight and I’ve just finished baking a banana cake. The delicious smell is filling the entire house and I’m waiting for the cake to cool down before I can put it in the fridge. The week’s been really boring and nothing much is happening. I had quite a busy weekend last week, feeding seven hungry guys for breaking fast, so I’m looking forward to a nice quiet one this week.

The sky outside has been really hazy lately and I can’t see the glittering lights that usually sparkle outside my living room window at night. I’m hoping the forest-burning in Sumatra will soon stop. It’s bringing back my nose bleeds and I certainly don’t need that right now!

Added on Thursday evening:

I made strawbelly jelly pudding this morning, using fresh delicious red strawberries. Served with Bird’s Dream Topping on top, it just tastes heavenly scrumptious! And for those of you asking for the banana cake recipe, just drop me an email!

Strawberry Jelly Pudding.jpg Banana Cake.jpg

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