The Crazy Cook

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

At last! I’ve just finished wrapping up all the cookie jars with cling wrap and cellotape to avoid ants from invading my Hari Raya cookies. Thanks to a chat session with this dear friend, I now have some cornflake cookies to add to the jars of kaastengels and tapioca cheese cookies that I made on Sunday. Ramadhan always brings out the crazy cook in me and today I even managed to make my own homemade version of mie yamin for breaking fast. I got the recipe from a darling cousin the other other day and for the p=85″>pangsit goreng, I have to thank this dear friend again.

I can’t wait to go home. Mum’s going to be happy when she sees the jars I’m bringing home for her. Gosh, my blog is full of food now! :-D

Cookies yamin1 Biscuits

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