Travel Pictures – Japan

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

So, here they are. Our captured moments in Japan. Going to Hokkaido was like jumping into a postcard, everything was just so beautiful. But then again, this whole Japan trip was like a dream. I’d like to go again. Soon, if possible.

And on a totally different subject, this baby is finally out. I’m thinking of converting.

Shinjuku at night.jpg  Bikes in Shinjuku.jpg  Namira at the  Shinjuku Lights.jpg

Roppongi Hills.jpg  Sparkling trees in Roppongi.jpg  Odaiba at night.jpg

Ueno at night.jpg  Ameyayokocho, Ueno.jpg  Crowded Ameyayokocho.jpg

Sensoji Temple entrance.jpg  Nikimase-dori, Asakusa.jpg  Sensoji Temple at night.jpg

Kibidango, please!.jpg  Hot fried senbei.jpg  Yummy yakitori.jpg

Delicious takoyaki.jpg  Goodies in Asakusa.jpg  Grandpa Yakitori.jpg

Alif and Namira on the streets of Ginza.jpg  Busy streets of Ginza at night.jpg  The Apple Store in Ginza.jpg

Disneyland entrance.jpg  Mickeys giant passport.jpg  Tokyo Disneyland.jpg

Welcome to Disneyland!.jpg  Walt and Mickey.jpg  Alif and Namira with Donald Duck at Disneysea.jpg

Disneysea entrance.jpg  Tokyo Disneysea.jpg  Legend of Mythica.jpg

Legend of Mythica4.jpg  Legend of Mythica3.jpg  Legend of Mythica2.jpg

Mitaka City Bus.jpg  Ghibli Museum entrance.jpg  Ghibli Museum.jpg

Chitose Airport in Sapporo, Hokkaido.jpg  Hokkaido.jpg  Our Japanese dinner in Hokkaido.jpg

View outside our room window in Hokkaido.jpg  Mountain water spring across our hotel.jpg  The spring up close.jpg

Gondola station.jpg  Skiing in Annupuri.jpg  Annupuri.jpg

Alif and Namira ready to sled.jpg  Yihaaaaaaaa!.jpg  Looking at the slopes.jpg

Snow on trees in Hokkaido.jpg  Frozen river in Hokkaido.jpg  The break of day.jpg

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