Daigaku Imo

Sunday, December 4th, 2011


When I was in Tokyo last summer, a friend ordered this delightful snack for me to try. It’s fried sweet potato wedges coated with melted sugar and tossed with toasted sesame seeds.The word “daigaku” actually means “university”. Apparently, this snack is usually sold at university festivals where they have lots of food stalls, games and even amusement rides. Such a divine snack yet so easy to make. Here’s the recipe for the ones I made today.

Daigaku Imo

2 medium sized sweet potatoes
1/4 cup brown sugar or a knob of palm sugar (I used palm sugar)
2 tbsp water
1 tsp soy sauce
3 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
oil for frying

1. Scrub the sweet potatoes clean and cut up in little wedges. No peeling necessary.
2. Fry the sweet potatoes until golden in colour.
3. Meanwhile, place a small pot on the stove with low heat and melt the sugar with 2 tbsp of water. Add soy sauce and let thicken.
4. Take the sweet potato out of the frying pan, drain for a while.
5. While still hot, toss the sweet potatoes into the melted sugar syrup and coat thoroughly.
6. Add the toasted sesame seeds and serve while still warm.

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